A Tribute To Elisabeth Elliot

A Tribute to Elisabeth Elliot

This week this world lost a great lady, Elisabeth Elliot, but heaven gained a wonderful member. In this world where our young girls try to emulate scantily-clad women who “twerk,” curse, do drugs and talk filth, Elisabeth Elliot was a woman to be emulated. Her first husband, Jim Elliot, was one of five missionaries speared to death by Auca Indians. Elisabeth went to live with them, to serve them, to help them find their way to the Lord. Her second husband died, but the Lord gave her a good third husband with whom to tread this tiresome path of life with for years. I have some of her books which greatly touch my heart and teach me Godly ways. The past ten years Elisabeth suffered from dementia before going on to be with the Lord she followed. I sit here holding one of her books entitled “Loneliness.” In it she discusses how loneliness “”can be a wilderness. It can be a pathway to God.” In this troubled world that strips away that shallow peace which people mistakenly cling to like a little piece of driftwood in a huge storm; in this world where we are daily surrounded by people whose dishonesty and negativity threaten to pitch us into a black pit; in this world where we sometimes feel as if we’re attempting to walk against the howling winds of a hurricane—we can find strength and determination, perseverance and love in the Lord. Elisabeth Elliot was right when she said our loneliness can be a pathway to God. Goodbye, dear Elisabeth. Thank you for allowing God to use you to do so very much of His work. All that you did for Him and wrote for Him will surely be the gold, silver, and costly stones of 1 Corinthians 3:10-15.


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