winter storm

A friend sent an email to me today in the midst of a second winter storm: “At least you got home safe. You got groceries and you’re home safe. Just hunker down and ride out the storm.” I immediately thought of life’s storms instead of winter storms. No matter what season of life, there will be storms. No matter that I am a Christ-follower, there will be storms. The difference between weather-storms and life-storms is the fact that God is my life-preserver and my anchor. He is the Captain of my piddly, little boat. I can cling to Him as He navigates my boat through the crashing waves and lashing wind and rain. If I didn’t have Christ in my life—oh, I shudder to think of it! This boat would be so battered, so splintered, so filled with briny water that it would either be crashed onto sharp rocks by the shore or setting down, down, down at the bottom of the ocean. I AM hunkering down and riding out the storms in my life. Help me, please, dear, capable Captain!


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