David Muir, The World, and Superman: Morning Musings and Ramblings from One With Rod Stewart Morning Hiar

David Muir, The World, and Superman: Morning Musings and Ramblings from One With Rod Stewart Morning Hair

Each evening I go to my mom’s where we watch David Muir’s evening news and Family Feud. Quite a contrast, those two shows! After my heart breaking over the plight of the Syrian refugees, earthquakes, wildfires, floods, droughts and presidential-candidates’ mud-slingings, we need the laughs on Family Feud. But let’s talk about the ABC evening news. Yeah, my elderly mom and I watch David Muir because we find him cute and we like his delivery of the news. There—I’ve admitted it! I think he looks like Superman, and we sure need someone who looks like Superman to give us all the bad news that’s out there. I used to have a huge crush on Superman until Batman stole my heart. I told you this is musings and ramblings from someone with Rod Stewart morning hair and pajama tops and bottoms that don’t match. And, yes, my heart truly does go THUD over Batman and Superman (notice how I list Batman before Superman). But I’d rather watch Superman give the news. Batman would have trouble watching the red lights on the cameras, meaning he wouldn’t know which camera to turn to when he is signaled (perhaps flash the Bat Light at him?). Plus, he would have trouble constantly turning his head to look at the cameras. And could he keep up that fake, deep voice through the news (even though, subtracting time for commercials, only 10 minutes of news is actually given…which means they’re paying Superman a lot of money to give the news.)? Where was I? Who would you prefer to give the news: Batman or Superman? And why? And why does a woman my age love super heroes and cartoons and a little baby with an English accent who does grown-up things? Because this world is harsh, and it’s difficult to face all the dark plights and plots and goings-on without some healthy escapism. Bring on the Batman!



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