The Unknowing Continues……

And the unknowing continues, a swirling haze that reaches out to grasp me in its’ soul-claiming claws. I’m learning to stay strong and focused on the peaceful figure that waits beyond the haze, the One Who walks on stormy seas and reaches out to me so that I can walk with Him. You see, I cannot walk on a stormy sea alone. I must have beside me He Who can hold me up above the crashing waves, He Who can make me feel peaceful though my heart is filled with fear. Life is never easy, but we always learn in our complacency that storms must always come. We can allow the forceful winds to uproot our faith, tossing it into the air with the debris, or we can hold onto Him, our Anchor in the storm. And so I will hold to my Anchor though I do not know the end of the journey as this ship plows through uncharted waters. And in the midst of the crashing waves I hear a powerful voice that says, “It is I. Do not be afraid.”



About Keneta

A servant of Jesus Christ
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