Broken Elevators

Why is it sometimes when you awaken in the mornings you feel down in the dumps? Is it because you’ve just visited that dream world and you can’t quite grasp what it was you just dreamed? In regards to Ecclesiastes 3:11 (“He has also set eternity in the hearts of men”),perhaps this world is too much for us to comprehend, too dark for us to dwell in, not satisfactory for our souls, hearts and beings. And as Walt Whitman said something about the world being too much with us—how can it not be too much with us unless we shut off the news and stop praying for all its’ needs? Perhaps to awaken from that sleepy dream world into the real world is too much of a rude awakening, like being slapped awake. On Facebook people’s lives seems so wonderful, so perfect, so happy. Smiling families on vacation or at restaurants or photos of their fancy homes. Are they truly happy or are they saying, “Hey, look at me! Look at my family and my belongings and my activities! My life is full and satisfying and I must prove this to everyone!”? The people of our society seem to be in competition with each other. They seem to live their lives trying to prove to everyone that their existence matters in this world, no matter what they have to do to prove it. Some people attempt to prove it by bragging, some by dishonestly making themselves look special, some by publically performing violence. “He has also set eternity in the hearts of men” and yet people dwell in worldly thoughts and actions rather than on the fact that we’re just visiting here. Each day is a sudden drop like a broken elevator unless we deliberately choose to look up instead of around. Each day is a carnival ride out-of-control unless we look to the One Who will control it for us—if we let Him. He gives us the choice: broken elevators and out-of-control carnival rides or days of knowing there is something greater than this world. As martyred missionary Jim Elliot prayed, “Father, let me be free from the overflowing purge—this great flood of worldliness which sweeps Thy people beyond their depth. Give me to stand firm against it.”

Man looks down elevator shaft

Man looks down elevator shaft


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