Trusting God

There are some very important things I’m learning on this journey: Most importantly, trusting God is a daily decision. Will I trust what people are saying or will I trust what God is saying? In the face of a tsunami of fear and negativity crashing all around me, will I choose to hang onto God instead? You’re right—I’m choosing to hang onto God! God is trustworthy—we are not. We grow tremendous emotions each day and claim they are the truth. God is strong—we are not. We buckle under worry and fear like a frail dam in an earthquake. God is joy—we are not. True joy is found in Him. We may experience a fleeting happiness due to things or people in our lives, but not true joy. God is forever—we are not—situations are not—I choose to cling to the One Who is forever, not to this feeble life or my temporary situations. Day by day, I’m choosing to trust Him. Day by day I’m reminding myself to turn away from fears and doubts and turn to my Mighty Fortress. I didn’t say it’s always easy. Daily I go into battle with spiritual swords and pistols. Daily I stand my ground and dare the winds of oppression to blow at me. The battle grows long and hard, but God is greater than our battles. He is mightier than our circumstances and taller than the crashing waves. I choose to trust Him in my battle. Will you trust Him in yours’?



About Keneta

A servant of Jesus Christ
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