Love’s Long Journey

“Love’s Long Journey”

Dear Christ, in love I reach for You,

The only One who knows my soul;

You touch my heart with breath of life,

Miraculous, unchanging, whole.

Merged within a Spirit song,

We traverse this tiring world;

I shan’t let go as You reach out,

Your love across the heavens hurl.

Dear Jesus, You are life to me,

No other stands upon the mount;

Sweet Spirit, flow within my veins,

You are the holy, sacred Fount.

When I grow sad within this world

And trying times pull at my heart,

You always share Your love with me,

Your strength and manna to impart.

And when this earth goes up in flames,

Dissolving in its’ quakes and groans;

My feet will leave this wasted soil

And leave behind the fallen stones.

And when I see You face-to-face,

What will I do? What shall I see?

Oh, to worship at Your feet,

Where ev’ry tribe shall surely be.

Dear Jesus, I will praise Your name

And lift my hands in worship there;

To dance on pathways made of gold,

To sing the songs of angel prayer.

Forever I will be with You,

No longer reaching for Your home;

The weary trav’ler will arrive,

Nevermore to weep or roam.

By Keneta Kinney Wolfenbarger

For my Jesus



About Keneta

A servant of Jesus Christ
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