Wishing and Whining

Every season we complain, our words always the same: “Oh, I can’t wait until summer. If only winter were over.” “Oh, it’s too hot. I wish fall were here.” And on and on. We’re never satisfied, are we? We’re wishing our lives away, wishing away each day, always looking forward instead of at today. Or we look backward: “Remember the summer we went to the beach? Oh, that was wonderful!” “What a wonderful Christmas we had that year with lots of presents and money in the bank.” God blesses us with today. He wants us to find beauty in all that surrounds us. Our whining and wishing isn’t praise. Our whining and wishing is ingratitude. It shows Him that we are not finding joy in our lives. It shows Him we’re not counting our blessings each day. As His children we are to play and praise in each day, no matter what it brings. If we lift up the quilts of drudgery, darkness and trials, we can see beneath them the hidden blessings. They lie there beneath the patchwork pieces like gifts from God, waiting to be unwrapped and enjoyed. May we dive for the quilts each day, laughing and rolling in the gifts and the Giver. May we enjoy something in each day God gives us.



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1 Response to Wishing and Whining

  1. annette says:

    Great essay and reminder!

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