Tribute To a Special Friend

My friend Becky and I were born two weeks apart. We became friends immediately, probably sharing pacifiers and blankets as our mothers laid us side by side.  Our childhood consisted of ballet and bicycles, Uncle Wiggly and Candyland, ice cream at the Dairy Cheer (we rode our bicycles there) and candy at the Hobby Shop (we rode our bicycles there, too. We rode our bicycles everywhere!),  Independence Day fireworks and sitting on our front porches watching the rain. One day Becky graduated from bicycle to a horse. I graduated from bicycle to camera. One day we both graduated to cars and cruising the hamburger stands. We’ve both been through a child each and divorces. Becky lost her husband to cancer a year and a half ago, and we’re both watching our mothers grow older and more dependent on us. We lean on God so much I’m sure He has a couple of dents in His chest, but He doesn’t mind. We also lean on each other even though we live miles apart. We may be pre-senior citizens, but Becky and I can still cherish the days of ice cream, bicycles and Uncle Wiggly. After all, our friendship is a gift from God!Keneta and Becky Buttercups


About Keneta

A servant of Jesus Christ
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