Close To the Razor’s Edge

We tend to make everything about us (“I am and there is no one besides me.” Isaiah 47:8 & 10 ESV), and that is why this world is so messed-up and sinful. That is why there is so much negativity in this world. We think in terms of “me, me, me.” We feel in terms of “me, me, me.” Each day we should ask, “How may I please You this day? How may I bless You this day? How may I anoint Your feet this day?” Instead, we ask for things for ourselves. We neglect others in our prayers and we neglect God in our prayers. He is why we pray. He is why we live. He is our reason for everything, and yet He is ignored, neglected and even booted out of schools and government. And yet we ask Him to bless us. Oh, our audacity! Our selfishness! Let’s face it, life has turned into one big party for “me, me, me!” Life is one big barbecue for “me, me, me” complete with drinks and piles of food. Our purpose in life is our satisfaction. Our purpose in life is never-ending entertainment with our attention riveted to t.v. screens, movie screens, phone screens and computer screens. Where is God in this brain, heart and soul-depleting mess? Where did we dump Him? Where did we leave Him because in our “me, me, me” life there is no room for Him? Shall we bow down and worship those screens? After all, isn’t that where much of our time is spent? Our God is neglected. Our God is an afterthought. We don’t find God entertaining and so we seek other ways to satisfy the needs of “me, me, me.” When did we become so self-absorbed? When did we become so unaware of the darkness surrounding us? When did we become so indifferent to the horrors in this world? Who will build up the wall and stand in the breach before God for the land so that He will not destroy it?? (Ezekiel 22:30) Will God search in vain? Will He find someone whose battle cry isn’t “me, me, me?” Are there no Simeons or Annas in this world? May our battle cry change. May our focus change. May we bless God instead of asking for blessings. As we search for the center of the universe while skating dangerously close to the razor’s edge, may we recognize Him and not pass Him by. May we return to being God’s people.



About Keneta

A servant of Jesus Christ
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