Advent versus Lent

Advent/Christmas seems to have flown by like it was never here. I don’t think it’s because I became sick on Christmas Eve and over the next ensuing days. I think it’s because over the years people have changed Christmas from a time of holiness into a big family affair. Let’s face it, Christmastime in homes and churches everywhere if for families. When you’re single, there’s no place for you at Christmastime. You’re alone, and when you go to Christmas Eve service alone, you’re surrounded by happy families who go up front for communion in their family groups. Look at your social media: everyone posting photos of their families gathered around fancy Christmas trees while laughing and unwrapping mounds of presents. I love the Lenten season. I love Ash Wednesday and doing 40 days of Lent devotions, fasting, repentance and prayer. I love Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday. It’s me and Jesus the whole 40 days. Why don’t people exchange gifts during that time? Why don’t they celebrate Christ’s resurrection in the same way they celebrate His birth? Why don’t they demonstrate kindness and love during Lent? Why don’t they go house-to-house joyfully singing songs like “Because He Lives” and “He Lives?” I’m single and I love the Lenten season, celebrating that wonderful, not-celebrated-enough time with Jesus—because He lives!


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