Each one of us has been betrayed in one way or another, whether by spouses, co-workers, friends or family members. Betrayal can destroy a part of who we are—if we allow it to do so. Christ suffered the ultimate betrayal, and yet He fully forgave Judas and everyone else who turned against Him. In Beth Moore’s “Breaking Free” she writes: “A true betrayer is motivated by selfishness.” We are astounded and hurt deeply when someone is selfish enough to betray us, but think about this: Aren’t we selfish, too? And what are some of the selfish things we do each day? We may not deliberately betray someone, but our selfish, self-absorbed hearts can betray someone as surely as if we shoved a knife into their back. May we be daily conscious of our selfish thoughts, feelings and actions.   “I am, and there is none besides me” (Isaiah 47:8 & 10 NIV)


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