Edward Fairfax Rochester

Edward Fairfax Rochester: Hero or Villain? Protagonist or Antagonist?

That name has probably caused the ears of “Jane Eyre” fans to twitch madly like a rabbit searching for Alice in Wonderland. Yes, I admit, my ears are also twitching madly as I’m one of those fans and I have no idea what is going to spew from my fingertips as I type this devotion. Our heroine, Jane, stood firm in her beliefs and was rewarded at the end of the novel. Our hero (yes, I say hero and protagonist), Edward, found his way to God, repented of his sins and was also rewarded at the end of the novel. One of the lessons we learn from this novel: “Honesty is the best policy.” We also learn “Obey the Lord in all things.” We also learn that it’s a bad idea to lock-up somebody in the attic (I don’t want to give away too much of the plotline). And yet, how many times a day are we dishonest? How many times a day are we disobedient to the Lord? And how many dark secrets do we have locked in our attic? If someone unlocked our attic door, what would they find? If they raised that tapestry and lifted the key toward the lock, would we stop them or allow them to proceed? Jane ran from temptation and Edward danced too close to the edge of darkness. May we keep the door to our attic open and guarded at all times.   “Amen. Come, Lord Jesus Revelation 22:20b).”

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