Faithless Spies?

I find myself in a crisis as do some of you. The thing is, it’s a crisis in our eyes, but is it a crisis in the eyes of God? I’ve learned some things from Numbers 13-14:
1) We need to stop listening to the reports of “the faithless spies,” not only rumors that grow bigger with each report, but also the doubts and worries that sometimes surface within us;
2) We need to stop looking at the situation through our own eyes instead of the eyes of God. Through our own eyes we see grasshoppers. Through God’s eyes we see things in focus. We see things the way God wants us to see them;
3) We cannot go back. We can only go forward;
4) We should not “weep aloud” or grumble;
5) We can choose to believe our all-powerful God or the faithless spies around us and within us.
Believing God is a daily choice which becomes a lifestyle. Believing man is way too easy. I choose to believe God.


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A servant of Jesus Christ
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