“A New Creation”

Sometimes we are forced to take a look at the person we used to be prior to beginning a fullblown Christian walk with the Lord. The picture of the person we used to be was probably not a pretty one. Perhaps we lashed out when people we loved hurt us, saying things we didn’t mean. Perhaps our Christian walk leaned into the dark shadows of adjoining paths so that we sometimes left the light that guided our footsteps. It’s difficult for people to forgive and forget the people we used to be, but Christ both forgives and forgets (Jeremiah 31:34). He also displays unlimited patience so He could use us as an example for others (1 Timothy 1:15-16). When the ugliness of our past is thrust into our face, it saddens and shames us, but we need to remember: that person doesn’t exist anymore. That person has been set free by the redeeming grace of God. We, dear ones, are a new creation (2 Corinthians 5:17). From cocoon to butterfly, we are set free to fly into the arms of Jesus!

Dear Precious Lord, thank You for forgetting and forgiving the person we used to be. Thank You that we are a new creation because You died to set us free. In Your sweet and precious name, amen.


About Keneta

A servant of Jesus Christ
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