Spiritual 2 x 4s

God has and still does use spiritual 2 x 4s to get my attention,and the sweetest, most wonderful way He has gotten my attention is as follows: 38 of us from church had gone to a city cinema to see “Passion of the Christ.” After the movie I went with around 4 married couples to a restaurant for dinner. As they chatted about this and that, I sat with head down, staring at the tablecloth as I thought about what my dear Jesus had gone through for me. Suddenly, I felt His presence. Looking up, I found Him smiling tenderly at me as He “glided” through the middle of the restaurant. I heard Him say within me, “I’m alive, child! I’m alive!” He then disappeared. It was a year before I shared it with anyone. I held that moment close to my heart like a miser clinging to his treasure. I would like to testify to you right now: our sweet, wonderful Christ is alive and very active in our lives. We can’t reach out and physically touch Him or see Him, but if we pay attention with our hearts and spirits, we will continuously see Him at work in each moment.


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A servant of Jesus Christ
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