Who Are We On the Weekends?

I moved into my new office at the hospital today, and my radio wouldn’t pick-up K-LOVE. It would only pick-up a country station, and there were some lyrics that caused my eyebrows to raise past the top of my head. For instance: “I don’t have to be me ’til Monday.” Well, now,isn’t that what most of society believes these days? And the scary thing is, some of us were like that in our young days. Oh, how we need to hammer into our youth that becoming someone else on the weekends is not a good thing. Why is it not a good thing? Because you will end up actually becoming that person who is not you. On the weekends we need to slow down and move closer to the Lord. A very important part of that is attending Sunday School and church, allowing God’s peace to permeate every bit of our beings until it’s hard to separate us from Him. Perhaps we need to do a song that goes, “I don’t have to hit the spiritual battleground full force until Monday” or “On the weekends I’m preparing for battle.” Oh, may we go back to work on Mondays strong soldiers of Christ!


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