A Captain Kirk For Jesus

I’ve come to the conclusion that too many people are playing it safe in the kingdom of God. Too many people are tiptoeing about as they wrap themselves in safe “cloaks of perfectionism” too reminiscent of Pharisees playing at action and yet walking the fence between love and law. I say, “All or nothing in the kingdom of God!” I say everyone needs to draw their spiritual swords and take a stand on the front lines of spiritual warfare. There’s no room for playing it safe in this nonstop war. We all need to get over ourselves and get with Christ. I want to be a Captain Kirk in this “spiritual trek.” I want to draw my spiritual sword each day, rushing into battle with all thrusters flaring at warp drive. No playing it safe and beaming out of the action! No staying in the Captain’s chair or avoiding the transporter room! Dear Lord, I need more power! (Make it so!) (Amen!)


About Keneta

A servant of Jesus Christ
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