The Resting Place

“This is the resting place, let the weary rest.” (Isaiah 28:12) Oh, this battered soul, this weary body, this frazzled mind will come to You and take refuge. Spread Your wings around me, sheltering me from this noisy, frantic, lost world. You are God, my God of hope and peace and joy. You are the Stream of Calmness, and I will float on You. I will find rest in You. I am tired, oh Gracious One. But am I pouring myself out like a drink offering upon this dry and thirsty world? Am I seeking You enough? Can I be a true Nazirite? As the earth shakes and the mountains tumble into the sea, I will not fear, for I have You. You reign supreme. The earth is Yours’ and all that reside on it. You are gracious, You are loving, You are kind. This world has spit on You and slapped Your face—every single day. Oh, forgive us, dear One. Forgive us. Oh, do not turn Your precious face from this desolate sanctuary. Do not cause us to grieve. You are my Rock and my Fortress. In You I find my heart. 


About Keneta

A servant of Jesus Christ
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