From Sheep to Love

Yesterday evening at the Assisted Living, we took a break from looking at how much sheep are like humans to instead looking at how we Christians are to love one another. This little flock God trusted me to teach got all fired-up over our scripture and lesson. The only gentleman in the group burst out with a, “If you don’t love, it’s of the devil!” Well, amen! We Christians show the way to Jesus by the way we love other Christians and by the way we put love into action. If we condemn others, unbelievers see and turn even farther away from Jesus. If we ignore a need, unbelievers see and wonder what kind of Savior we follow. Love and action go hand-in-hand. The sinful woman who anointed the feet of Jesus is such a good example of not only love in action, but faith in action as well (Luke 7:36-50). Oh, that our love for Jesus and our faith in Him will cause us to step out and show the world that we truly have a wonderful Savior! Dear Jesus, what can we do this week that will anoint Your feet?


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